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Improve your academic and professional writing skills with Summarising Statistics 1, an online video course created by Cambridge IELTS expert Mark Thompson.

The Fun Way to 7.0

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It improves your score 🚀 like never before. 🚀

From six to seven so you're in heaven. 😇

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"If you are looking for a crash course for English writing, Mark definitely is the best choice out of all in Cambridge. He is a brilliant and sophisticated English teacher. He understands the weaknesses of English writings for students who come from non-English-speaking countries. You will not only get good grades, but also learn the skills that will benefit your practical writing in the future."

Dr Jimmy Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow at Wellcome Sanger Institute

Hear from someone who applied to Cambridge University

"The application process was very demanding, so I was required a very high mark for the IELTS exam."

"Mark taught me the key grammar and language forms I needed to master, the aspects I needed to take into account when structuring my ideas before writing them down, and how to use all of these skills while speaking too."

"Another postive outcome is that I could use my academic writing skills when working on my Master's assignments."

Julie Sigles

Environmental Engineer

Find out what you need to do to improve your writing score

If you are finding it difficult to achieve the score you need in IELTS writing and feeling frustrated, you might be wondering how to get from 6.0 to 7.0 so you can move forward in your career.

The good news is that the examiners who assess your writing tell you exactly what they are looking for, so you simply need to follow their instructions and do what they ask you to do.

Watch this video to find out where many candidates go wrong and what you need to do to put things right.

Get IELTS done so you can move forward!

If writing is your weakness and the data in a bar chart, line graph, pie chart or table relates to a point in time, Summarsing Statistics 1 will empower you to boost your score to 7.0 in Writing Task 1 so you can get IELTS done and move forward in your studies and career.

Struggling with writing? Stuck at 6.0? Need 7.0?

Do you worry about making mistakes when you have to write academic assignments or formal reports?

Are you a student, a health professional or an engineer who is struggling with the writing part of the IELTS exam?

Do you feel frustrated because you have the level of English you need for speaking, listening and reading but not for writing?

Your Mission Possible

If that's you, you aren't alone. Medical professionals and engineers taking the IELTS exam often find it more difficult to achieve 7.0 in writing than in reading, listening and speaking.

But help is now at hand in the form of Summarising Statistics 1.

Your mission in the next 2 weeks, if you choose to accept it, is to prepare yourself effectively for IELTS Writing Task 1 so you know how to boost your score from 6.0 to 7.0 if you are asked to summarise data relating to a point in time.

Enjoy learning with a Cambridge IELTS expert

Mark has taught English to non-native speakers in Cambridge for 26 years and worked as a technical writer describing complex business processes in clear English for 31 years.

When he started teaching English, he discovered he could use his expertise as a technical author to help students with their writing skills, particularly those needing high scores in the IELTS and Cambridge First, Advanced and Proficiency exams.

Now he is making his series of IELTS writing workshops available online as a series of video courses:

"I'm definitely not the next Steven Spielberg, but I'm trying to make these courses fun because people learn more effectively when they enjoy studying."

Use a proven writing system

Hear from one of Mark's students:

"I was quite frustrated because I wasn't able to reach the score of 7.0 in the writing task of the IELTS, but I wasn't sure why and how to improve my writing skills further."

"My fear was to keep failing it and not to be able to get my registration as a doctor in the UK."

"I was able to reach the IELTS score desired at just my next attempt."

Sara Volpi

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Have a crystal clear strategy

The writing system Mark teaches you is specifically designed to fulfill the marking criteria the examiners follow when they assess your work for grammatical range and accuracy.

It removes any guesswork or mystery and gives you the inside track, so you have a crystal clear strategy and are no longer stumbling around in the dark.

Get much more than sample answers

Mark does much more than give you sample answers. He gives you a system of structures and expressions and then shows you how to apply them to a common type of IELTS writing task so you can get to where you need to be from where you are.

Summarising Statistics 1 walks you step by step through the system Mark would use personally to summarise the data in a chart or table relating to point in time if he were a non-native speaker writing under time pressure in an IELTS exam. He calls it the P.N.A. system for making comparisons.

Develop writing skills for life

Achieving the score you need in the IELTS exam is only the beginning. Writing is a skill you will continue to use in your work and studies for the rest of your life.

In most professions and university courses you need to be able to discuss statistical data. Summarising Statistics 1 makes sure that you have firm foundations in place in this regard.

It's also a resource you will be able to refer back to when you are writing academic assignments or professional reports.

It's like being in a classroom

Many online self-study courses consist of slides with voice-overs, but students told Mark that they prefer in-person videos because it's like being in a classroom.

He therefore made his first ever videos and this course is their official premiere. They contain a few surprises, so be warned and expect the unexpected from time to time!

A video course also has some advantages over live classes. How much would it cost you in course fees to study at a good language school in the UK? What about flights and accommodation? Could you afford to take time off work? Would you be able to choose your teacher and focus just on writing?

Now you have the opportunity to prepare for IELTS at home, paying affordable course fees, studying at your own speed with the teacher of your choice and reviewing the recordings as often as you like. Instead of feeling frustrated and wondering what to do next, you can learn and have fun at the same time.

Summarising Statistics 1 is a video course which consists of 5 modules . . .

  • The P.N.A. System

    Practise using 3 key structures that enable you to sum up accurately in words the data in bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and tables when they relate to a point in time.

  • Common Mistakes

    Recognise some of the most common mistakes non-native speakers make when they compare sets of data so you can eliminate them from your writing and speaking.

  • High and Low

    Combine the P.N.A. system with the adjectives 'high' and 'low' to avoid making mistakes with countable and uncountable nouns and start sounding like a Cambridge academic!

  • Writing "Chunks"

    Memorise some expressions that can be used at the start of sentences and paragraphs so you can construct complex sentences easily and effortlessly.

  • Let's Write Together

    Learn how to apply the system of structures and expressions to an IELTS writing task so you can maximise variety and minimise mistakes in your use of English.

If you spend 30 minutes a day watching the videos and doing the exercises and then practise using the structures and expressions when you speak and send texts and emails in English, you will complete the course in 2 weeks, see results and grow in confidence. You can do this!

Summarising Statistics 1 is the first course in a series . . .

  • IELTS Task 1

    Summarising Statistics 1 is the first of four courses Mark plans to create for IELTS Task 1. The other three courses will be called Summarising Statistics 2, Comparing Locations and Describing Processes.

  • IELTS Task 2

    Based on the four writing workshops he gives for IELTS Task 2, Mark is also in the process of creating a longer course called Writing Essays. This might be rolled out as four shorter courses so that parts of it are available sooner.

Once all the courses are created, the plan is to move to a monthly subscription model, but at the moment you can have access until February 2024 to each course you invest in.


"Mark gave me very good feedback in order to improve my grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

I had a challenging routine and for me what was really great was he told me exactly what to focus on.

I felt very motivated in my lessons with him.

He has lots of exam preparation materials, very well structured, and he always takes time to answer any questions you may have."

Nathy Villalobos Martinez

Working Professional

"Mark is a wonderful teacher who has helped me a lot with my English! He has been my English teacher for over two years.

He is very experienced and has a good sense of humour. Never bored in his lessons!

He is particularly good at explaining how to choose words precisely in writing. I greatly benefit from it in my daily scientific life!

I feel much more confident with my scientific writings and submit my work to high impact journals, such as Lancet Infectious Diseases. Highly recommend!!"

Stephanie Lo

Translational Science Lead

"Are you looking for something called "Miracle" to boost your writing??!

If so, you need to ask Mark to help you. He first analyze your writing to see your weaknesses and then offers you quick and easy points to use in order to improve your writing.

Don't hesitate to ask for the next writing workshops with Mark, as I did before and I could get the band 7.0 after the workshops (from 6.0 to 7.0)." 

Yasmin Fadavi


Invest in Summarsing Statistics 1 now.

Pay once. Access until February 2024.


Are you ready to improve your writing skills?

Attending one of Mark's writing workshops has a £97 value. 

Invest in Summarising Statistics 1 at special launch price of . . . yes, it's true . . . it had to be £7.00 for a limited time so you can taste and see. If you're an early bird, please spread the word!

Your mission in the next 2 weeks, if you choose to accept it, is to empower yourself with the P.N.A. system for making comparisons so you can start to write at a higher level, become more confident and use your improved writing skills to move forward in your studies and career.



Let's put PNA into your writing DNA!


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